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Extra Muros: Louise Lawler.

Birdcalls by Louise Lawler
Birdcalls by Louise Lawler

As a new extra muros project and by way of inauguration of a future collaboration, Cc Strombeek opens a first presentation in the Botanic Garden in Meise. Louise Lawler's iconic work Birdcalls will be heard and seen from October 10 to January 14.

When you listen carefully, and with the help of the text provided by the artist, you notice that these are not random bird sounds, but the names of artists. The list consists of names that form the canon in the major Western museum collections, such as, among others Vito Acconci, Dan Graham, Ed Ruscha and Lawrence Weiner. Each name becomes a unique sound that plays on the phonetic character or syllables of the name. Some names are often repeated and some are difficult to understand. The work, which is arranged by the artist in ever different ways (both inside and outside, or even published on an audio cassette by Tellus, an audio magazine that you could order by mail), can be interpreted in many different ways: as an indictment against the power relations in the art world, as an observation of the new mixtures of the exotic and the indigenous or as a conceptual approach to sculpture: a surprising convergence of sound, space and the attention of the spectator.

With thanks to the Botanic Garden, Meise, Galerie Greta Meert and the LeWitt Collection.